On this page you will find links to some of my favorite (and maybe not so favorite) places I go to... I will do my best to keep them catagorized but no promises!

If you want me to link any of your pages here.. please let me know either through aim/yahoomess or email!

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Willowdreams Page
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Paint shop pro tubes
(I have a whole load of links for
this section, but need to go through
them making sure they are good links
so check back in a week or two!)

DizzyMud(webpage) Dizzymud(telnet)
Hyperchat(chatting and rp)
Pandora(Music Radio station)
Thrifty Fun

WomanWithin (plus size clothing for woman)
One Stop Plus (plus size clothing, and household goods)
Avon (My rep is Donna Jones)
Unique Gifts
Lakeside Collection
Harriet Carter Gifts
LTD Comodities

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